Conceived in sunshine, founded in Cardiff

Rival Brewing Co began life during a father-son chat over a couple of beers in early spring sun outside a Bristol brewery taproom in 2016. In the space of a short, five-minute conversation, Duncan and Sam Higgitt conceived the idea, the name and the values that still guide this brewery.

Unusually, it was Sam who did the educating on craft beer. Duncan had lived in Germany while serving in the army and developed a preference for pilsners and other German styles. Uninspired by the prospect of a future in engineering, Sam had started work in The Lansdowne, a well-known Cardiff pub, where beers from Tiny Rebel, Crafty Devil and other breweries came into his orbit. He, in turn, introduced Duncan to the delights of hoppy beer.

Duncan was given the opportunity to focus full time on Rival in July 2017, and so began the continuous, ongoing process of making the very best beer that we can for drinkers in Cardiff and South Wales. We want to get as many people as we can reach at least trying local beer. We enjoy beer best in the sunshine, with family and friends, and that’s the kind of beer we like to make. Beer for the good times - for quality time.